"Words Mean Things"
       ~William Visher

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"There is no agony like bearing an untold story inside of you.

       -Maya Angelou

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   Welcometo Visher Ink Publishing where "Words Mean Things"

Our motto is "Words Mean Things" because at Visher Ink Publishing we understand the importance of communicating thoughts and ideas accurately and creatively.  Whatever kind of writing project we undertake, great attention is paid to the crafting of a high-quality written product.

Visher Ink Publishing offers Freelance Writing Services for ALL of your individual and  business needs!

Visher Ink Publishing writes and publishes fiction, nonfiction (including business), poetry (songwriting), and drama (scripts for stage, screen, and radio) for individuals, small businesses, corporations, newspapers and magazines.

We Specialize In:

• Copywriting:  Brochures, Newsletters, Flyers, Reports


•PR Writing:  Press Kits, Press Releases, Specialty Letters, Speeches, Product Releases

•Ghostwriting & Editorial Services

•Editing & Proofreading

•Business consulting, seminars and workshops.

Visit the Visher Ink Publishing Links page to view several of our writings for the following businesses: Rising Star Education, Monique Edwards, Studio 360, and the Dalton Daily Citizen Newspaper.